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PACT 2023

The 14th Annual Meeting of the
Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition

Home and Homeless

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Photo by Nathan L. Wirth

Hosted by Seattle University
September 7-9, 2023

Conference Program

Thursday, September 7

10:00—11:30 AM FIRST SESSION

PANEL ONE: At Home in Dharma and Dao (Pigott 100)
Moderator: Julia Sushytska (Occidental College)

The Buddha Way to The Homeless Homeground

Steve Lofts
(King's University College at Western University)

Home is Where the Heart/Mind Is

Matthew Swanson
(Misericordia University)

Homecoming and Exile in Classical Chinese Thought
Ryan Harte
(Utah Valley University)

PANEL TWO: Time and Space of Being with and without Home (Pigott 100):
Moderator: Jennifer Liu (Seattle University)

Revisiting Heidegger’s Ontology of Homelessness in Being & Time

Seth Binsted
(James Madison University)

On the Temporality of Houselessness
Michaela Hunt & Boram Jeong
University of Colorado Denver)

“For Going Out, I Found, Was Really Going In”:
On Coming Home Outside

Ben Liu
(independent scholar)

11:30-1:00 PM LUNCH (on your own at a local restaurant—see guide)


PANEL ONE: Trouble at Home (Pigott 100):
Moderator: Yasemin Sari (Seattle University)

How Christian Absolutism Laid a Groundwork for Alienation, ‘Homelessness,’ and the Current Threat to American Democracy
Paul-Anthony Turner
(University of Kentucky)

January 6 and Breaking the ‘Home’ of America’s Democracy:
A Strongman, Technology, and Speech

 Natalie Nenadic
(University of Kentucky)

Pride Home:
Belonging, Identity-Formation, and (De)Territorialization of Queer Youth Housing

Rachel Loewen Walker
(University of Saskatchewan)

PANEL TWO: Are We at Home in the Interpreted World? (Pigott 101):
Moderator: Shūdō Brian Schroeder (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Dwelling with Annie Dillard

Joe Balay
(Christopher Newport University)

The Cosmopolitan Dream and Antinomies of Home
Russell Duvernoy
(King's University College at Western University)

Are We at Home in Nature? 
Dan Bradley
(Gonzaga University)



PANEL ONE: At Home with Fire, Stone, and Soil (Pigott 100)
Moderator: Jason M. Wirth (Seattle University)

A World Without Fire
Gabriel Reed
(Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts)

The Aesthetics of Soil Reclamation:
Returning Home on New Values
Maria Patricia Tinajero
(Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts)

Composing a Home in Stone
Paul Harris
(Loyola Marymount University)

PANEL TWO: Levinas and Serres and the Problem of Home (Pigott 101):
Moderator: Gerard Kuperus (Radboud University)

Levinas and the Problem of Home; or, Toward a Postcolonial Levinas
Eric R. Severson
(Seattle University)

Towards a Phenomenology of Exile:
Reflections on Levinas’s Hebraic Sources in Service of a Decolonial Environmental Philosophy

Kaleb Cohen
(University of Montana)

Chez Soi:
The Carnal Transversalism of Michel Serres
David McCullough
(Loyola Marymount University)

5:45 PM: Words of Welcome: Jason M. Wirth (Seattle University) and Gerard Kuperus (Radboud University) (Pigott 101)

6:00 PM PLENARY SESSION (Pigott 101)
Moderator: Brian Treanor (Loyola Marymount)

At Home in Transition
Gerard Kuperus
(Radboud University)

Fine wines and beers of Washington will be served throughout the session

Dinner on your own (at a local restaurant—see guide)

Friday, September 8

9:00-10:00 AM: coffee

10:00—11:30 AM FIRST SESSION

PANEL ONE: Greek Homes (Pigott 101)
Moderator: David Jones (Kennesaw University)

Philosophy’s Place:
Seeking the Home We Hope to Recognize

Erin Stackle
(Loyola Marymount University)

Make Nostos, Not War:
Homecoming in the Ancient Greek Imagination

Jessica Elbert Decker 
(Cal State University, San Marcos)

Homeless in Homer’s Odyssey 
Thomas Thorp
(Saint Xavier University)

PANEL TWO:  Housed by Language (Pigott 100)
Moderator: Eric R. Severson (Seattle University)

Searching for Home in the Song of the Whale
Kate Farrington
(Emerson College)

A Refugee of Language:
Between the House of Being and a Mother Tongue

Julia Sushytska
(Occidental College)

Estrangement and Assimilation in Translated Subjectivity:
Some Philosophical Reflections from Growing Up Multilingual in America

Jennifer Liu
(Seattle University)

11:30-1:00 PM LUNCH (on your own at a local restaurant—see guide)


PANEL ONE: Home and Homeless with Arendt (Pigott 101)
Moderator: Natalie Nenadic (University of Kentucky)

Arendt & World-Creation
Yasemin Sari
(Seattle University)

Amor Mundi and the Consumption of Worlds
Justin Pack 
(CSU Stanislaus)

Arendt on Loneliness
Andy Marquis
(University of Kentucky)

PANEL TWO: Psychoanalytic Homes and Beyond (Pigott 100):
Moderator: Russell Duvernoy (King's University College at Western University)

Home Is Where Father Is 
Shannon Mussett
(Utah Valley University)

Home Repair:
Haunting, Anxiety, and the Unconscious

Jerome Veith
(Seattle University)

Searching for a Deepest Home:
Towards a Neuro-Phenomenology of Eco-Healing

Mary Jeanne Larrabee 
(DePaul University)

2:30-3:15 PM: COFFEE BREAK (Pigott Atrium)


PANEL ONE:  At Home Without Being Settled (Pigott 100)
Moderator: Tim Freeman (University of Hawaii–Hilo)

Hospitality, the Earth, and Holding Back
Brian Treanor
(Loyola Marymount University)

Education and Skillful Wandering Beyond the Horizon

Benjamin Young
(University of South Florida)

(Not) at Home in the Cosmos:
On Reestablishing a Personal Connection to Nature

Chandler Rogers
(Gonzaga University)

PANEL TWO: Art and Home (Pigott 100):
Moderator: Chris Lauer (University of Hawaii–Hilo)

The Unhoming of Earth, Ontology and Art: 
A Geoontoesthetic Interpretation of Raphael’s School of Athens

Angela Lynn Dunlop
(Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts)

Homeless Ecology:
Intimate Revolt in Thirza Cuthand’s “Reclamation”

Keren Moscovitch
(School of Visual Arts, The New School)

Aesthetics of Abortion:
Our Uterus, not Your Home

Jessica Rodríguez-Colón
(independent scholar)

6:00 PM PLENARY SESSION: An Evening of Local Poets (Pigott 101)
Moderator: Jason M. Wirth (Seattle University)

Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs
Claudia Castro Luna
Paul Nelson
John Olson

Dinner on your own (at a local restaurant—see guide)

Saturday, September 9

9:00-10:00 AM: coffee

Moderator: Chris Lauer (University of Hawaii–Hilo)

From Homelessness to Home:
Seeking to Rebuild Trust in the Elemental Amidst Loss

Marjolein Oele
(Radboud University)

Zoom from Nijmegen in the Netherlands

10:00—11:30 AM FIRST SESSION

PANEL ONE: Transitional Homes (Pigott 101)
Moderator: Elizabeth B. Sikes (New School for Psychoanalysis)

“Not Being at Home:
Benito Cereno and the Outlandish”
Jason M. Wirth
(Seattle University)

From Economy to Ecology:
The End of Human Home-Dwelling 

Melissa Fitzpatrick & Vicente Muñoz-Reja
(Loyola Marymount)

PANEL TWO: At Home with Bachelard as well as Politics (Pigott 101):
Moderator: Christopher Yates (James Madison University)

Constructing the Site of Politics
Kieran Aarons 
(Governors State University)
Bachelard’s Cosmic Home
Julian Evans
(University of Western Ontario)

The Poetics of Home  
Michael Kelly 
(University of San Diego)

11:30-1:00 PM LUNCH (on your own at a local restaurant—see guide)


PANEL ONE: Elusive Homes (Pigott 101)
Moderator: Dan Bradley (Gonzaga University)

There is No Way Home’: 
Lāhainā in Ashes and a World on Fire

Tim Freeman
(University of Hawai

Being Homeless at Home
David Jones
(Kennesaw University)

Word and Event in the Age of Responsibility 
Peter Warnek
(University of Oregon)

PANEL TWO: Sharing Home and Homelessness (Pigott 100):
Moderator: Gerard Kuperus (Radboud University)

Sharing Homelessness:
Heidegger, Deleuze, Kuperus
Chris Lauer
(University of Hawai

Auroville and Arcosanti:
Our Experimental Homes: Of Sustainable Living and their Philosophical Foundations

Alina Feld
(York College-City University of New York)

We as Home 
Hye Young Kim
École Normale Supérieure, Paris)

2:30-3:15 PM: COFFEE BREAK (Pigott Atrium)


PANEL ONE: Earthen Homes (Pigott 101)
Moderator: Shannon Mussett (Utah Valley University)

Being at Home and “Always Moving”:
Living Without Mastery

Elvira Roncalli
(Carroll College)

Home on the Road: 
Pilgrimage, Place, and Peripatetics

David Macauley
(Penn State University) 

The Forgotten:
Home and Homeless in the ‘Late’ Lyotard

Peter Milne
(Seoul National University)

PANEL TWO: Forlorn Literary Homes (Pigott 101)
Moderator: Brian Treanor (Loyola University)

Living with the Dead:
Sebald’s Constellations of Remembrance
Amanda Parris
(University of San Francisco)

Returning Home to the Poetic Word with Paul Valéry
Christopher Yates
(James Madison University)

The Concept of Dwelling from the Neolithic until Diogenes
Brian Pines
(University of San Francisco)


PANEL ONE: At Home in the Boundless Dao (Pigott 101)
Moderator: Elizabeth B. Sikes (New School for Psychoanalysis)

Sitting Ourselves on Earth

Meilin Chinn
(Santa Clara University)

Lost in Place:
Imagining Homelessness as Boundlessness

Shūdō Brian Schroeder
(Rochester Institute of Technology)

PANEL TWO: Home and Homeless in South Africa (Pigott 100)
Moderator: Gabriel Reed (Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts)

From the Uncanny to Belonging:
Thoughts on South African Cultural Integration

Dominique Walmsley
(independent scholar)

At Home and Away:
Dwelling in the ‘New’ South Africa? 

Iain Low
(University of Cape Town, South Africa)

6:30 PM: Concluding Reception (Pigott Atrium)

Ritualistic selection of next year’s theme
Logistics for the Kubota Garden trip
Celebratory behavior

Dinner on your own (at a local restaurant—see guide)

Sunday, September 10

10:00 AM Meet at Kubota Garden

Stones From Home 
Paul Harris
(Loyola Marymount University)

All conference participants are invited to bring a stone from their home region to the conference. Stones will become part of a collectively created ritual at the Kubota Garden, where we will offer the stones as a meditation on home and homelessness in the context of human exploitation of the lithosphere and global migrations (voluntary and forced). The inspiring example of Fujitarō Kubota’s life and vision will anchor this meditation, encompassing Kubota’s dynamic sense of garden design and tradition as a means for immigrants to (re-)create home, his perseverance through devastating injustice and incarceration, and ultimate establishment of a sacred ground that connects all humans to Earth as home. 
Home is fundamentally a stable concept, a feeling of connection to place accrued over time. Adaptation to loss of stable place will be a fundamental facet of human life through climate change—as weather patterns change, regions and homes will also undergo change. 
Stone is a convenient synecdoche for Earth—the third rock from the Sun. As Francis Ponge writes, “Every rock is born by schizogenesis from the same ancestor.” Every rock is a chip off the old block and carries within it a lively archive of literally formative events in Earth history. A stone is a piece of our home planet, and a rock from the region where we live is a manifestation of the Earth spirit in that place. 
Rocks seem to embody stability but in reality, they are always changing. Erosion, movement through wind, water, ice, or human intervention shift the composition and circumstances of rocks according to rhythms we seldom see. The persistence of rocks, their ability to weather change, may provide a fruitful subject for a collective reflection. In bringing together stones from many people’s planetary homes, we can conduct a conversation on conservation, adaptation, and solidarity in the face of shared precarity. And we may find yet another means to appreciate the poetic beauty of the natural world.
Jason M. Wirth (Seattle University) will also be hand to discuss after the ritual some of the history and aesthetics of Fujitarō Kubota’s new home.

PACT Organizing Committee 2023

Jason M. Wirth (Seattle University)
Elizabeth Sikes (New School for Psychoanalysis)
Gerard Kuperus (Radboud University)
Marjolein Oele (Radboud University)
Chris Lauer (University of Hawai‘i—Hilo)
Tim Freeman (University of Hawai i—Hilo)
Brian Treanor (Loyola Marymount University)
Josh Hayes (Alvernia University)

PACT Conference Assistant

Eric Severson (Seattle University)

PACT Conference Helpers

Chloe Allen-Chang (Seattle University)
Snow Janes (Seattle University)

PACT would like to thank the very generous assistance of Kimberly Gawlik

The PACT ombudsperson is Elizabeth Sikes.

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